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  "The first authentic Pilates studio

  in East Flanders"

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Over 35 years of experienceChristl

Chrisl Muls is the inspirer of Christl Clear Pilates. She graduated with a degree in physical education at the VUB in Brussels. At that same university she worked as an assistant thereafter. Meanwhile, over more than 35 years she is a professional in the world of fitness.

Broad fitness knowledge

As a 'Nike Fitness Athlete' Christl Muls was a popular presenter of aerobics at several national and international fitness conventions. She was the founder of the 'thai power' (the Flemish 'tae bo' craze) and she gives preventive back care in a lot of Belgian companies.

Our team

NeleVirginie Ingrid

The best teachers

Christl Muls completed her training as a 'Certified Instructor in the Pilates Method' in The Hague and New York. She was taught there by Romana Kryzanowsky which was herselve a disciple of Joseph H. Pilates. Christl therefore belongs to the so-called 'second generation instructors'.


Other teachers were Sari Santo and Marjorie Oron.

One can never have too much knowledge. That's why Christl follows workshops on a regular basis to perfect her skills. Some of these are:

  • Pilates with ‘Triadball ™’ in Vienna (Austria) May 2005 with Ton Voogt and Michael Fritzke 
  • Pilates and scoliosis in The Hague (The Netherlands) 2006
  • Pilates Style magazine summer conference in New York (United States) August 2006
  • Pilates and the anatomy of the knee joint in The Hague (The Netherlands) November 2006 with Sabina Formichella
  • Pilates and pregnancy in London (United Kingdom) 2006 with Rachel Swindle
  • Workshop Eric Franklin method in Brussels (Belgium) October 2007
  • Advanced seminar in The Hague (The Netherlands) July 2008 with Sari Santo
  • Advanced seminar in The Hague (The Netherlands) October 2008 with Juanita Lopez
  • Workshops in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) March 2009 with Ton Voogt and Michael Fritzke  
  • Advanced seminar in The Hague (The Netherlands) November 2009 with Juanita Lopez
  • Workshop in The Hague (The Netherlands) December 2010 with Marjorie Oron
  • Body Logic in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) December 2010 with Marie-José Blom
  • Workshops in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) April 2011 with Ton Voogt and Michael Fritzke
  • Pilates Conference in Chicago (United States) May 2011
  • Workshops in New York (United States) June 2011 with Master Teachers in the authentic method including Brooke Siler, Kathryn Ross-Nash, Cynthia Lochard, Alycea Ungaro......
  • Workshop Eric Franklin method in Antwerp (Belgium) February 2012
  • Bridge Program Power Pilates in Utrecht (The Netherlands) March, June and August 2012 with Bob Liekens
  • Workshop Power Pilates in Utrecht (The Netherlands) September 2012 with Bob Liekens
  • Workshop Eric Franklin method in Antwerp (Belgium) August 2014 with Morten Dithmer
  • Pilates Art workout: The Mat with Poles/Strap/Bar/Weights in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) in December 2014
  • Workshop Eric Franklin method in Antwerp (Belgium) April 2015 with Morten Dithmer
  • Turboclinic: Fitness as a medicine in Lennik (Belgium) April 2015 with Yves Devos
  • Classical Pilates Conference in Valencia (Spain) June 2015 featuring Dorothee Vandewalle, Lori Coleman-Brown and Chris Robinson
  • Awaken your Movement with Anatomy and Clay in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) September 2015 with Ann Crammond
  • Workshops & triadball classes in Antwerp (Belgium) October 2015 with Ton Voogt and Michael Fritzke
  • Classical Pilates Conference in Berlin (Germany) October 2015 featuring Alycea Ungaro, Clare Dunphy-Hemani, Brett Howard and Moses Urbano
  • The Classical Syllabus, The Beginner System & The Intermediate System Part 1 in Southsea (United Kingdom) March, April 2016 with MeJo Wigging
  • The Classical Syllabus, The Intermediate System Part 2 & The Advanced System in Southsea (United Kingdom) August 2016 with MeJo Wiggin