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  "The first authentic Pilates studio

  in East Flanders"

CCPilates op:

  Foto's: Bart Van Leuven / Frédérique Debras
The benefits of Pilates at a glance

Pilates delivers dozens of benefits to the practitioner who trains regularly and with precision. Here are 6 of the major effects of Pilates: 

  1. The practitioner receives an increased lung capacity and improved blood circulation through deep breathing.
  2. Muscle strength and flexibility are improved, especially the trunk muscles.
  3. The spine becomes more flexible and stronger.
  4. Around the pelvis, the body is much more stable.
  5. The coordination, both muscular and mental, is improved.
  6. Bones strengthen and joints gain in flexibility.


In summary: your body is completely balanced and your posture is improved. This also increases your body awareness and improves your exercise technique.